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1.        How old does my child have to be to participate in Cartersville Little League?  Cartersville Little League starts at the age of 7.  Please see the current Age Chart: 2024 League Age Chart

2.        Are 6 year olds allowed to play Cartersville Little League?  Six-year-olds are ONLY allowed to play if they have an older sibling participating in the league.  All others are encouraged to play in the Cartersville Parks and Recreation Bantam League.  Please email [email protected] for more information.

3.       How do I register my child?  Go to to register your child.  You will need to create an account.  Once you input their birthdate, you will be able to select the correct league age and register for the upcoming season.

4.       What do the player registration fees cover?   Player registration fees reserves your child's spot in our league. The actual cost per child to play in our league exceeds the player fee, the difference in cost is made up for by local business sponsors that support our league and help us to keep our player fees at the current rate. If your family is in need of a scholarship to play in our program, please contact our player agent by emailing [email protected] for further information.

5.       Once my child is registered, what is the next step?  Your child is required to attend an in-person uniform fitting on select dates in January.  The dates are always posted on our social media pages as well as our website.  Uniforms are custom ordered.  No exchanges will take place with uniforms once they have ordered. 

6.       What paperwork is required?  All players are required to have a Medical Release Form, Birth Certificate, School Enrollment Form and/or Three Proofs of Residency.   If your school is in our boundary the school form is the simplest method to achieve eligibility. Please see the proof of residency that can be used: Proof of Residency- Items required

7.  What schools are located within the Cartersville Little League Boundaries?  Allatoona Elementary, Cartersville Elementary, Cartersville Primary, Cloverleaf Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Mission Road Elementary, Excel Christian Academy, C.A. Roberts Elementary, Vaughan Elementary, Burnt Hickory Elementary, Floyd Shelton Elementary, Roland W. Russom Elementary, Cartersville Middle School, Red Top Middle School, Cartersville High School and Woodland High School. 

8.       Does Cartersville Little League allow coach requests by parents?  NO, Cartersville Little League believes in competitive balance therefore all players participate in an evaluation process and are then selected through an open draft process. 

9.       Is my child required to attend evaluations?  YES, all children (including the manager and assistant manager children) are required to attend evaluations.  If your child doesn't attend the evaluation or makeup, they will then be considered a hat pick and will be selected at the end of the draft process.  A hat pick is a blind draft method for players who do not attend evaluations.

10.       If my child is already on a major’s team, are they required to attend the evaluations? No

11.   What leagues are available at Cartersville Little League?  Majors is a 12U league with ages ranging from 12-9.  Minors is an 11U league with ages ranging from 11-8.  Rookie is an 8U league with ages ranging from 8-6.  Junior League is a 14U league with ages ranging from 14-12.  Senior League is a 16U league with ages ranging from 16-14.  The player agent can help you understand the difference between Majors and Minors. Note: Once a Player is league age 10 that player is available to be drafted by a major team, players league age 9 are only available to the majors is their parent makes them available. 

12.   Are volunteers required to obtain a background check?  Yes!  All volunteers are required to obtain a background check through JDP and receive a certification for Child Abuse Awareness.

13.   How are players placed on a team?  Once evaluations are complete, the teams are drafted in the following order: Major, Minors then Rookie.  All managers are required to attend the draft for their league.  The draft is run by the Player Agent, President, and Rules Coordinator.

14.   Do I get to pick the league my child will play in?  No.  After the evaluations, the Player Agent will meet with all managers in each league to discuss all players.  The Player Agent and managers will make sure players are put into the appropriate league.

15.   Once the drafts are complete, how long before my child’s manager will contact me?  Managers will contact you within 3-4 days of the drafts being completed.

16.   What days of the week does Cartersville Little League have games and practices?  Opening Day games are always on a Saturday in March.  Practices will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Games are played on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  There are times make-up games will be played on Wednesdays and Fridays. We ask that our Major teams organize with their teams 4 times per week and Minor and Rookie teams 3 times per week. 

17.   How can I locate my childs schedule?  Cartersville Little League uses Quickscores: Cartersville Little League -

18.   If I have an issue or concern with my child, who should I contact?  Your first point of contact should be the Player Agent.  Email [email protected]

19.   Who is responsible for overseeing the management of coaches in all leagues?  The Coaching Coordinator is responsible for the entire league.  There are directors for each league: Major, Minor, Rookie, Junior/Senior.

21.   What is the minimum playing time?  The majors now play a CBO(Continuous Batting Order) and each player is required to play 6 outs.  The minor and rookie leagues will sub players out per inning.

22.   How do I sign up to be a manager?  Applications are sent out via email and social media every December.  Anyone who is interested in being a manager must fill out the application and complete the background check.  2024 NEW Manager Application

23.   How are managers selected?  The Coaching Coordinator will go through all applications.  He will then send his recommendations to the President.  The President will present the list of managers to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors vote on each manager.

24.  Is Cartersville Little League part of the City of Cartersville Parks & Recreation Department?   While we are not managed by the City Rec. department, we do hold a long- standing partnership with the city. Registration is processed and managed by Cartersville Little League Board Members

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